About – Spry


Spry gives you on‐demand communications from in‐demand talent. Minus the pesky baggage of an agency. Let us turn your PR basics. Get started today!



That’s because we sat in it. We get you. Because we are you.

Spry is run by communicators with street cred. Communicators who said we can get movies on‐demand. Coffee and alcohol on‐demand. (Phew!) Even meatballs on‐demand.

Isn’t it time for communications on‐demand?

So we got in your pants. Whoa, not like that. As in on your phone.

We got with some coders with gnarly beards and made an app that’s easy and magical and pretty – pretty freaking awesome that is. And not just because our moms say so.

In just a few swipes, you tell us your communication needs.
Then our virtual workforce of writers, marketers and communicators jumps in and says, “I got this.”

They get your project done stealth and fast – minus the fuss of an agency.

So, skip the new hire. The agency sticker shock. And the freelancer contract.

Pass the baton to Spry. It’s app‐solutely awesome.

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