Build an analytics platform with Google Cloud

Build an analytics platform with Google Cloud

Nowadays, data analytics is increasingly important to do business and, aware of this, the industry has developed many solutions to help companies achieve it. However, not all tools that promise data analysis are the best option.

There are many alternatives on the market that offer tactical solutions that companies can feel comfortable with. But these only solve the problem in the short term, complicating over time the organization, and technical problems of scalability, and analysis.

Therefore, to overcome the main challenges that data analytics currently presents to companies, Google has developed an innovative solution with everything an organization needs to make better use of data and grow.

In today’s article, we will analyze what Google Cloud offers us, an open, intelligent, flexible, and scalable analytical data platform that organizations should implement to increase their competitiveness in the current environment.

What does Google Cloud offer to companies?

Google Cloud dramatically simplifies data analysis and insights with a cloud-native solution that separates storage from computing. A unique solution that allows you to analyze large volumes of data in seconds.

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This allows you to remove the traditional restrictions of scale, performance, and cost to ask any data question and solve business problems.

What benefits does it bring to companies?

These are the most outstanding benefits:

  1. Focus on data analysis and not on infrastructure.
  2. Solve all stages of the data life cycle based on data governance.
  3. Create a solid structure with an analytical data model for the application of Machine Learning algorithms.
  4. Enable the ability to leverage the best open source technologies for the organization.
  5. Scale to meet business needs.

Seize the opportunity to create a modern, unified analytics data platform with Google Cloud
A modern, unified analytics data platform based on Google Cloud Platform offers enterprises best-in-class Data Warehouse and/or Data Lake capabilities with AI capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence allows you to create predictive models to anticipate events. Google Cloud has pre-built models that can be automatically applied to your data, or you can generate your own models.

Industry-leading AI services can increase your organization’s decision-making power. The key to the future is bridging the gap between descriptive analytics (what has happened) and predictive analytics (what might happen) without having to build a new team. But for this, it is necessary to start by producing your first robust and scalable analytical model for your entire organization.

Shall we start? At Services we can help you create your first analytical model so that your entire organization can benefit from its full potential.

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