Cloud computing in small businesses

Cloud computing in small businesses

The proliferation of new technology, such as Cloud Computing, is always accompanied by a period of adaptation. Generally, large corporations and companies linked to the technology sector are the first to implement and enjoy the advantages of these new advances.

In the case of cloud computing, its degree of adoption has been expanding over the years, reaching all strata of the business fabric. Small companies have also benefited from this evolution and have implemented Cloud Computing services that allow them greater flexibility and security in actions and tasks such as accounting, customer relations or data storage.

The arrival of Cloud Computing to small businesses has had a certain democratizing effect, putting within their reach technological resources hitherto limited to large organizations. Let’s take a look at those functionalities linked to Cloud Computing that are most relevant for small businesses:

  • Flexibility for staff: the possibility of working both from home and in the office itself, always having access to all our resources, allows workers in small businesses to be provided with a high degree of independence.
  • Savings in hardware and infrastructure: access to a Cloud Computing service means not having to implement an infrastructure of equipment, network, and physical servers in the company, with the consequent savings that this entails. Through any computer or device with an Internet connection, we can work with all the advantages of Cloud Computing.
  • Online Backups and Security: Cloud Computing solutions such as services integrate online Backup systems and high-level data security. Small businesses can benefit from these features from day one without having to perform complex operations.
  • Collaboration Tools – Scenarios such as working from home or working with an outside provider are common in small businesses. Through cloud services, a collaboration between different actors is a simple process.
  • Built-in maintenance: Computer maintenance can be a real headache for small businesses, significantly increasing your monthly expense. With cloud computing, maintenance is built in.

Cloud Computing in small businesses has long been a reality that provides numerous advantages. In addition, the process of migrating to cloud services for a company is a simple process: at services we have accompanied many businesses in this change, contributing to their digital transformation process and opening the doors to the advantages of Cloud Computing.

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