Cloud Storage vs. Traditional Data Storage

Cloud Storage vs. Traditional Data Storage

Companies store more and more digital assets: emails, documentation, projects, images… and a long list of files that take up space on our hard drives. Faced with this exponential growth, alternative storage solutions have been appearing that allow companies to eliminate the need to expand the available space by purchasing new hard drives or managing and maintaining them.

One of the most used services in this sense is Cloud Storage ( storage in the cloud ), which allows files to be saved on servers that use Cloud Computing technology.

Benefits of Cloud Storage over traditional storage

The use of data storage in the cloud has enormous advantages over traditional storage, which we can summarize as follows:

  • Access from anywhere. Since our files will be stored on servers hosted in the cloud, we can access them from any device with a network connection. For example, reviewing a report while on a business trip or retrieving files for a client in their own offices.
  • Unlimited storage. The capacity of the Cloud Storage will not be physically limited by a certain number of hard drives. Instead, companies will be able to contract a specific storage volume and expand it as they need it, without having to worry about physical limitations.
  • Backup copies. Cloud storage services incorporate backup systems for our data. If by mistake we delete a file or want to access a previous version of a modified file, we can recover a backup stored in the cloud for this purpose.
  • Security. Since our data will be stored on external servers, many companies question the security of access to them. The reality is that Cloud Storage solutions often incorporate security measures far superior to what most companies can access.
  • Developer environment and other tools. If we require it, we can incorporate programmatic access to the files stored in Cloud Storage.

The use of cloud storage for companies is an increasingly used technology. And it is that the benefits provided by Cloud Storage compared to traditional data storage represent a great improvement for most businesses with in-house solutions.

At services, we can help you migrate your file storage solutions to the cloud and start working with the technology of the future today.

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