“PR is Expensive”: Busting PR Myths, Part 5 – Spry

This is Part 5 in our 5-part PR Mythbusting series. Sorry to break it to you, but everything you thought you knew about PR is probably wrong.

When you think public relations, you probably think of big agencies – much the same way that advertising conjures up images of Don Draper. PR means a cover story in Forbes, and for that you need to shell out big money, right?

Today, that’s no longer the case. In the ad world, Facebook and Google’s self-serve ad portals allow almost anyone to build ads and target niche audiences. It means startups and small businesses can access highly targeted advertising at a manageable price point, on-demand.

The PR world is finally catching up. If you simply need to announce your news or do some short-term PR, there’s no need for a long-term agency contract. Technology (such as Spry’s on-demand PR network) makes it easy to tap into expertise for specific needs, on-demand.

That said, in certain cases, agencies and PR contractors can offer value at scale as you grow. But for startups, small businesses and really any company that has project needs for marketing and awareness, today’s technology has enabled a lot of PR to be DIY.

Here are a few tried and true tips from our own clients:

  1. Have a plan. Be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish and when – this is super important to ensuring all your work and money spent aligns to a specific goal. And, be realistic.
  2. Attend events. PR people don’t have a monopoly on media relationships. Build your own relationships by attending local events and striking up a conversation with a journalist or influencer.
  3. Establish habits. Once a journalist or influencer knows your name, cultivate a relationship. For example, dedicate 30 minutes each week to interacting with new and existing journalist contacts via social media.
  4. Publish content. Use your blog, LinkedIn and social channels at least weekly to tell your own story, on your own terms.
  5. Tap the gig economy. When you need true PR expertise – for instance, around an announcement, launch or event – skip the long-term contract. Access the expertise you need on-demand.


So, where to start? First, think about the moments when you want attention, who you want it from, and work backwards from there. You need to start building your reputation before that moment – by connecting with journalists and publishing your own materials.

So, if you know you have a news moment in a few months, start today by ordering your Custom DIY PR Toolkit from Spry.

Our expert journalists can write blog posts and press releases to start telling your story today. Our PR pros can uncover the journalists and influencers most interested in your news and give you runway to start building relationships now.

We give you all the resources you need to self-serve your own PR needs. It’s fast, the highest quality out there, affordable, and on-demand.

It’s all on the Spry app. Download it today and see how easy – and affordable – great PR can be!


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