Your News is Totally Turnkey with Spry’s NEW Startup Publicity Kit – Spry

It’s time to announce your news. Whether a new customer win, a new executive hire, a community initiative, a company milestone or a new product launch – to name just a few of the most popular reasons our clients choose Spry – you’re ready for your moment in the spotlight.

You want a powerful press release, you want media coverage, and you want real exposure to your target audience. You want actual news coverage and SEO value that shows up in search results, not just ephemeral ads.

But you don’t have time to deal with it yourself, and you’re not ready to shell out big money for an agency or contractor.

Don’t worry, Spry’s new Startup Publicity Kit has you covered!


It’s turnkey for you

All you need to do is use the Spry Client app (for iOS or Android) to answer a few questions about your news, and we take it from there. Completely turnkey. All you do is review and approve the materials before they go out.


We deliver real results

Our beta Publicity Kit clients saw real, tangible results: 200+ media pickups, 80 million+ impressions, and the additional benefit of natural SEO and being able to boast press coverage, not ads.


How it works

We harness the power of our network of on-demand PR and journalism experts. When you submit your order, our algorithm matches it with someone who knows your industry – and whom we know will deliver world-class work for you.

They write a compelling, attention-grabbing press release. They dig up the most relevant media targets. They incorporate your feedback to ensure we’re capturing the essence of your story in a way that will capture the attention of your customers and prospects.

Then we take care of getting your press release out there, contacting journalists, and capturing the media attention and eyeballs your news deserves.


Use the latest app version

All you need is the latest version of our iOS or Android app (see here for a refresher on how to make sure you have the latest version).

It’s never been this easy to get great publicity. Get started today!

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